Winter Exterior Paint Protection 'Offer'

Dream Clean Valeting and Detailing Specialists are offering a discount to their Winter Exterior Paint Protection 'non cermaic option'.

Available Packages

  • Winter 1 - £140 - 20+% OFF - NOW £110 Average Time to Complete 3-4 Hours
  • Winter 2 - £160 - 35+% OFF - NOW £100 (also includes - Wheel protection, Clay Contamination Removal) Average Time to Complete 4-5 Hours
  • Winter 3 - £180 - 50% OFF - NOW £90 "OUR SHOCKINGLY GOOD WINTER DEAL!!!!" (also Includes - Wheel protection, Clay Contamination Removal, DA Polish, Paint Sealant, Rain Repellent Applied) Average Time to
  • Complete 6-8 Hours.

Why does my car need extra protection in winter?

Winter is that time of year when vehicles bodywork take a battering from the elements, not to mention the amount of salt and grit applied to the roads. Both rapid changes in temperature and salt can cause irreversible damage to your cars paintwork.

Will a winter detail protection actually protect my car?

Simple Answer “YES”

Maintaining your vehicle properly will increase your vehicles lifetime, allowing you to enjoy it at its best for longer, but also saving you money on depreciation.

If you require the interior being cleaned at the same time this will be around £30 - £80 extra.