Vehicle Paint Protection

The LE SHIELD Silicon Carbide Ceramic Coating system comprises of three separate stages. This makes the SHIELD system unlike any other ceramic system currently on the market due to it being customisable to suit the customers or detailers requirements.

Depending on the choices made in application durability can be anywhere between 12- 15 months from a single application of SHIELD. However, when combined with Base 1 & Base 2 and multi-layered this is increased quite dramatically. 2 coats of Base 1 or 2 alone would give a typical 3 years of protection when applied to a correctly prepared paint finish.

All three stages when combined & multi layered will achieve what is probably the most comprehensive protective coating currently available on the market today.

The SHIELD sealant can be applied on all smooth and textured surfaces. SHIELD contains carbon nano-fibres, and once applied over the base primers imcreases the surface tension even further so that dirt and water find it more difficult to adhere to the vehicles surface.

Surfaces are easier to clean and more resistant to scratches and damage. The gloss of smooth surfaces is significantly increased. On paintwork and and glass rain will clear from the surface of speeds over 60 km/h.

SHIELD also has gloss enhancing characteristics. The microscopic silicon crystals can even fill minor scratches/ SHIELD can be multilayered up to a staggering 20 times although 4 layers are normally recommended to achieve the desired protection.