A good paint protection system should protect your car long-term. However, if you haven't protected your car from day one - a professional valeter/detailer will be able to improve you car considerably, with a notable difference and also continue to further protect you car the from the day you have applied the paint protection product.

Ceramic Option

  •  The Liquid Elements SHIELD Carbide Ceramic Coating system comprises of three separate stages.
  •  This makes the SHIELD system unlike any other ceramic system currently on the market due to it being customisable to suit the customers or detailers requirements.
  •  This coating when applied by us can provide up to 4 years protection.

Price From P.O.A

Carbon Seal Option

  •  All exterior paintwork is treated with a unique protective coating. This protective coating will enhance the paintwork’s shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even in the most severe weather conditions.
  •  The glossy water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a superb deep glossy shine. 

Price From £250

Polish / Wax Option

  •  Our basic packages are available to suit those with a lower budget, but still looking for 6 - 12 months protection. 

Price From £75.


Vw Golf ceramic coatingFerrari ceramic coating


Making a Booking

We offer a free collect and deliver service (within a 5 mile radius of EH26 8PJ there is a surcharge outwith)