Clay Bar Treatment

So many have asked that question "What is clay bar and what or how does it work?"

While clay is growing in popularity it is still yet to be known as a "off the shelf product".
Clay is a substance made to remove bonded contamination from paint, glass and wheels leaving everything smooth as silk without any damage or marring, allowing a much easier and true application of polish, sealant, glaze and waxes alike.

As polishes, clay comes in levels of strength, or "aggressiveness" as it were.
Depending on the severity of bonding is to what grade of clay will be used and majority of the time contamination is very low so the mildest form of clay would be neccessary to accomplish a smooth as new finish.

When you clean your car it will be covered in fresh contaminants such as dust, mud, bird lime, tar and tree sap etc, added to this will be bonded contaminants which accumulate over time and are stuck to the car as it were. These are as above but microscopic to the eye yet if you feel across the paint there is a significant grittiness or roughness to it and over a period of time this can become harmful to your car. A cars paint is suppose to be as smooth to the touch as it does to its looks so chances are your vehicle will, if not now, at some point be in need of clay bar treatment.

Typically, it is better to have clay bar treatment twice a year to enusre the painted surface is free of contamination and ensures protectice layers adhere to the paint thus ensuring a quality bond between paint and protection which in turn gaurantees your cars paint is well protected against the elements i:e road salt, grit, grime, bird lime, tar and grease.

These services can generally be added to majority of our valeting services and prices starting from as little as £50.00

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