Vehicle Paint Protection

Ceramic Option

The Liquid Elements SHIELD Carbide Ceramic Coating system comprises of three separate stages.

This makes the SHIELD system unlike any other ceramic system currently on the market due to it being customisable to suit the customers or detailers requirements.

This coating when applied by us can provide up to 4 years protection.

Price From P.O.A


Carbon Seal Option

All exterior paintwork is treated with a unique protective coating. This protective coating will enhance the paintwork’s shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even in the most severe weather conditions.

The glossy water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a superb deep glossy shine. 

Price From £199


Polish / Wax Option

Our basic packages are available to suit those with a lower budget, but still looking for 6 - 12 months protection. 

Price From £45.